News: the book Leonard & Loulou by Esther Bürki is now available at Teia Education

Book: Leonard & Loulou - Esther Bürki

As we are very aware at Teia Education that books are such an important part of education of the child we added a brand new section of children’s books to our web shop today. The first book featured in the shop is “Leonard & Loulou”, written by the Swiss journalist Esther Bürki. 

Leonard & Loulou is a story meant to help young children and adults alike to help them express their feelings and fears and is aimed to help overcome those fears by restoring their faith and feeling of self-worth.

The touching and identifiable story is about a boy called Leonard: 

“Leonard is afraid to go to school because he is being bullied. One morning, he wakes up to find Loulou the cat sitting on his bed and starts talking to her. Leonard opens up and shares his fears of going to school and his experience of being bullied by his peers. In response, Loulou takes Leonard to the cats’ world and it’s there that Leonard learns what it’s like to be treated with respect. In exchange, Leonard teaches the cats and dogs how humans express their feelings.”

Leonard & Loulou is the first book written by Esther Bürki. A Swiss journalist and mother of two boys and four cats, she started writing this story when her own son didn’t want to go to school and would have preferred to stay at home with his little cat. 

The hardcover book Leonard & Loulou has 32 pages and is beautifully illustrated by Teodora Dimitrova. 

For the month of December Leonard & Loulou can be found in our web shop for the special launching offer price of CHF 34 instead of CHF 42!

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