Product safety

Heutink International

The educational products of the Heutink International brands are manufactured at different production locations in the Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka. Each location has its own specialty.

What all production sites have in common is a shared commitment to attain high-grade craftsmanship, complete involvement by the brand, pursuing perfection and a high dose of social responsibility. Moreover, each supply chain member operates in full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

During each production process sustainable, advanced technologies with human skills and attention for detail are combined. The safety of children and care for the environment lead the production processes. Hence, the focus is at all times on developing very high-quality and safe educational products. Heutink International main production principles are quality, safety, and durability.


The Heutink International manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. All their high quality and durable educational toys are manufactured with sustainable raw materials, such as wood from planted European forests and European water-based inks and paints.

Forest Stewardship Council

Suppliers are influenced to buy FSC certified wood raw materials as much as possible, which promotes environmentally sound and economically robust forestry.

ISO Certification

All the Heutink International manufacturing facilities are certified by the ISO 9001-Quality Management System Standard and the ISO 14001-Environmental Management System Standard.

Toy Safety

The Heutink International educatonal products meet the rigorous demands of various toy manufacturing safety regulations and comply with the Directive 2009/48/EC regarding toy safety, including EN71 and ASTM.

Nienhuis Montessori materials creation process

One of Heutink International specialisms is Montessori education, which places great emphasis on attention, involvement and perfection. These fundamental elements are not just critical to the use of the materials, but also form the basis for their creation.

For over 80 years, Nienhuis Montessori products have been produced using these distinctive and traditional methods. A great deal of love into shape, color and character is invested in manufacturing the materials.

The video below gives insight in how the Nienhuis Montessori materials are made by hand:


The Grapat philosophy is natural simplicity combined with a strong accent on social and environmental responsibility, which is reflected in the way their pieces are crafted:

Each Grapat piece is unique as its crafted and painted by hand.

All dyes used are based on water and non-toxic and comply with the European safety regulations of the Toy EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013.

Working with dyes and not with acrylic paints allows having contact with the wood and it does not conceal its natural characteristics. The dye does not chip from the wood when it falls to the ground or when time passes because it penetrates deep inside the piece.

All wood finishes used are either waxes and oils of vegetable origin.


The fabric for the Grapat storage bags that are included with some of the products are sourced from big companies whom discard material when they find a small defect.

Each bag is produced by hand which allows removing those defects and giving the fabric a second life. Hence, the fabrics vary and may not match with those pictured with the products.

Grapat supports the By Bye Plastic! initiative and aims to not use plastic for their product packaging.

Grapat_Plastic_free_byebye plastic

Toy Safety

All Grapat wooden toys are entirely crafted by hand in workshops located in Catalunya, Spain. The Grapat products are made according to the requirements of the SA800 standard and comply with the EN71-1/2/3 safety regulations.

Corporate Responsibility

Grapat collaborates with foundations that take care of people with psychical difficulties. Also, family conciliation is made possible by adapting the schedule of each employee to adapt to their personal needs.

Spielgut logo


Several of the Grapat toys have been awarded with the Spielgut® seal in 2019:

Ref 15-102 – Nins®, Rings and Coins
Ref 15-103 – 18 Wooden Rolls
Ref 15-104 – 36 Wooden Rolls
Ref 15-105 – Bowls and Balls