For over a century, Heutink International has brought craftsmanship and quality to educational supplies. The Netherlands-based family business was founded by Reinier Willem Heutink in 1911. Today, third generation Jessica Heutink and son-in-law Henk Fokke, lead the Heutink Group as a multi-national distribution and manufacturing business with a forward thinking global vision.

In 2007 the Heutink Group acquired the company Nienhuis Montessori, which was founded in 1929. And in 2015 two other educational brands were added to the companies brand portfolio, offering educational materials for children from 3-6 (Educo) and 6-12 years old (Jegro). The Heutink Arts & Crafts brand was also added which offers a very large selection of the best, high quality arts and crafts materials.

With the four brands combined, Heutink International is nowadays a one-stop-shop school supplier for the best educational materials from the age 0 to 12, entirely based on national and international educational guidelines and curricula.

Social Responsibility

The well-being and future of workers at production locations and their families is very important to Heutink International. For example in Sri Lanka a program has been established which enables employee’s children to get a formal education. In addition, worker’s families benefit from an extensive health care program.

Founded in 2016 by Jessica Heutink, the Heutink Foundation supports worldwide projects and is committed to helping children and young people in poor and disadvantaged or uncertain situations.

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