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Meet the founder: An interview with Casiana from Grapat

Casiana & Jordi Monczar

The beautiful wooden toys and loose parts from ecological Spanish toy brand Grapat hold a very special place in our hearts at Teia Education & Play! We are delighted to bring you this touching interview with co-founder Casiana Monczar about the inspiration, story and sustainability values of this wonderful brand. Family-run brand Joguines Grapat was founded…

Making Grapat mandalas with children and loose parts play

Mandala three fires - Grapat

We often get asked for suggestions on how to play with Grapat mandala pieces and sets or making mandalas with children and there is so much fun to be had here! Try some of these ideas for creative loose parts play and fun ways to make art together. What are mandalas? Making mandalas with children is…