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SINA Spielzeug

Celebrating 25 years of existence, the german brand SINA Spielzeug creates wooden toys designed to encourage adults and children to play together. A family company at heart, all SINA products are designed and made in the company’s workshop in Neuhausen/Erzgebirge, Germany. SINA’s range includes didactic wooden toys, wooden playing items for therapeutical use and playing items (gifts or gaben) according to the Froebel (Fröbel) pedagogy. 

The influences that have shaped the SINA toys are the wooden building blocks and sets, puzzle games and educational materials which were produced by the S. F. Fischer toy and wooden products workshop in Oberseiffenbach at the Erzgebirge from 1850 till 1990, as well as the renowned pedagogue Friedrich Froebel. 

The founder of the first kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel, was a German pedagogue who started his career in education at a secondary school in Frankfurt in the early 1800s. Educated by Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Friedrich Froebel is widely credited for laying the foundation for modern education, which is based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities. Meant to reveal the creative instinct of the child, Froebel developed a series of educational play materials for young children which he coined “gifts”. He also developed a series of occupations to further extend the child’s experiences through play. SINA Spielzeug produces the Froebel Gaben and occupations according to the original blueprints from the 1800s. 

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