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SINA Spielzeug

For over 30 years the german toy brand SINA Spielzeug has been creating wooden toys of the highest quality which are designed to encourage adults and children to play together. A family company at heart, all SINA Spielzeug’s products are designed, made and finished by hand by skilled wooden toy makers in the company’s own workshop in Neuhausen/Erzgebirge, Germany. SINA has a strong regional identity and employs local craftsmen who grew up in the area and are drawn to wood as a natural material and infuse playfulness, happiness and wholeheartedness in the brand’s soul.

SINA’s range includes didactic and imaginative wooden toys, wooden playing items for therapeutic use and playing items (gifts or gaben) according to the Friedrich Froebel (Fröbel) pedagogy.

The influences that have shaped the SINA toys are the wooden building blocks and sets, puzzle games and educational materials which were produced by the S. F. Fischer toy and wooden products workshop in Oberseiffenbach at the Erzgebirge from 1850 till 1990. The brand also draws inspiration from the renowned pedagogue Friedrich Froebel whose Gifts have long been a symbol of children’s play.

Developed and manufactured with the utmost care, each SINA product carries the CE mark and complies with all the legal requirements of the European Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and EN 71 for the safety of toys. Several of the SINA toys have been awarded with the Spielgut® seal. SINA Spielzeug is a member of the Deutscher Verband der Spielwarenindustrie, the Fachgruppe Holzspielzeug and the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Verband.