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While pursuing their pedagogical professions, Claudia and Thomas Kinzler realised there was a need for a different way of painting. They founded their company MeiArt, and subsequently introduced the unique Seccorell painting system, in 2007. Based in Reutlingen, Germany, the family run brand offers a completely new way of working with colour and its possible uses. Their innovative smudge pastels in the form of paint sticks and tools promote a painting technique which closes a gap between the watercolour and the pastel technique. They do not require water to paint like watercolours nor a fixative to achieve a smudge resistance that otherwise only crayon paintings have.

A staple at Waldorf and primary schools, the non-toxic and sustainably produced Seccorell paint sticks are rubbed against the rubbing block to produce paint powder. This powder is then brushed completely over the painting surface and smudged mainly with the fingers. The paint sticks are harmless to health and are very durable as they can be used up to the last bit.

The Seccorell range also includes art tools such as self-cut stencils, erasers and an engraving tool to accent lines and create endless delightful effects. Any surface suited for painting with crayons can be painted with the Seccorell paint sticks, including various types of paper – even normal copy paper -, plaster, stone, wood and many other natural materials.