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Fanny & Alexander

Fanny & Alexander’s beautiful products and high-quality wooden toys encourage simple, natural and safe play and aim to offer a refreshing escape from the digital world that surrounds us. Founded on a fundamental desire to encourage children – and the adults who love them – to play a little more, and a little better, the Argentinian brands’ toys are designed to last, and to be loved. Lovingly referred to as “analogue toys” by founder Delfina Aguilar, they offer a welcome antidote to our digital age, and to modern toys which only require children to sit passively before them.

The high-quality, heirloom Fanny & Alexander toys are designed to stimulate creativity and encourage exploration. They are crafted using thoughtfully sourced hardwoods and soft leather, using contrasting wood combinations instead of paint so that each toy is completely natural and safe for even the youngest children to enjoy. 

Their delightful books invite families to read together and explore all the natural curiosity and boundless imagination children have. They are full of positive messages for children and encouragement to enjoy all the wonders of the world around us.