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Eco-friendly Sand Toys

Our selection of eco-friendly sand toys offer loads of fun in the sandpit in the garden, at the beach or exploring in sensory bins. Children love to play with water and sand and sand toys are indispensable items to include in any beach bag, as garden toys or at kindergartens!

In addition to buckets, sieves, scoops and moulds made from eco-certified recycled plastic, we also offer a selection of metal buckets, shovels, rakes and watering cans. Bamboo sand tools satisfy the needs of creative children, offering everything to the young sculptor for a day at the beach building ultimate sandcastles and turning sand at the beach into a canvas! Handmade wooden stamps can be used in sensory bins to leave prints or work on a fossil dig.

With sand toys children small and big can play with water and sand to their heart’s content and let their imagination run free. They provide hours of fun and joy to many children and indirectly develop important capabilities such as creativity, motor skills, as well as communication when working on projects together with friends, siblings or even parents. Made in Europe and Australia.