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Gardening is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and if a child is encouraged to explore from an early enough age, their love for nature will continue for many years to come!

But it’s not just about growing things, gardening offers an opportunity to stimulate all the senses – from touching the soil, flower petals and bumpy leaves to smelling fresh cut grass or lavender, tasting home grown strawberries, listening to the wind blowing through a farmer’s crop or seeing a bee land on clover or a sunflower change direction to absorb the rays.

Gardening is really fun – with the excitement of playing in the soil, discovering creepy crawlies or growing things – there’s so much to explore. Dropping a seed in to the soil, whether they are vegetables, fruit or flowers, it doesn’t matter. Children just love having that little bit of responsibility and independence for watering and watching them appear after a week or so.  It’s even more exciting when the small shoots grow in to big plants and they can sample the physical real-life produce that they created.

We have carefully selected a variety of gardening resources for children such as recycled plastic buckets, sand sieves and scoops, gardening tools, kits, outdoor toys and activity books dedicated to young explorers eager to dig, grow, discover and develop a sense of responsibility as they tend their own projects!