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Dutch toy brand Rolf has a love for education at its heart! Every Rolf toy and educational material is designed and manufactured sustainably in The Netherlands, ensuring high quality products that are safe, durable and provide hours of joyful play and learning.

Rolf works closely with teachers and educational experts to create products that stimulate children’s development, enhance their knowledge and skills and support teachers’ goals. Offering a complete range of developmental ‘building blocks’ for the child’s brain, each Rolf product brings different skills to a higher level through play, including math, language, creativity and motor skills, and even self-confidence.

Built to last and sustainably produced, Rolf’s original and distinctive educational materials and toys are recognisable by their robust materials, vivid colours and engaging illustrations. Children will love the wonderful learning and play products, from the fun and challenging wooden puzzles that bring learning to life to the strong and colourful tools perfect for the beach or sandpit.

All safety tested in accordance with European legislation and proudly carrying the made in The Netherlands label, Rolf products are also extensively reviewed by children themselves and approved as both super fun to play with and offering real learning opportunities!