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Waldorf dolls

Waldorf dolls are used in Steiner schools and households and are lovingly handmade using traditional European doll-making techniques. Our beautiful non-toxic and natural Waldorf dolls are made in Germany from bio-certified pure wool, cotton and silk derived from controlled organic farming. The ecologically sustainable materials used for making the dolls are harmless to children and comforting to touch and hold.

The creation of traditional Waldorf dolls is focused on aesthetics, safety, quality of material and meeting the pedagogical and qualitative demands based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf dolls are known to stimulate a young child’s imagination through their simple design and deliberately restrained facial expressions and limbs which are not shown in as much detail as is the case with commercially produced dolls.

The most important feature is the face of the doll which is left intentionally simple and usually painted by hand or embroidered. This gives each doll a unique expression, leaving it up to the child to decide whether the doll is joyful or sad, tired or cheerful.

These unique high-quality fabric dolls let the child experience the world through play and enable them to process experiences and sensory impressions. A Waldorf doll is a true childhood companion, even from birth, and will accompany children for many years, encouraging them to play and imitate. Playing with dolls inspires kindness and early compassion in children. It develops a sense of care and respect for others and nurtures their empathy. A doll is a perfect friend to share stories with, and also provides unconditional comfort.

Our collection includes handmade dolls from German brands Nanchen Natur and Grimm’s.