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Educo mathematical play – measuring

The Educo measuring assortment focuses on length, area and perimeter, volume, weighing and time and planning: length, area and perimeter are all about measuring, comparing, and understanding the concepts of different lengths. The main goal for children is to learn how to use the right concepts of measuring. Comparing different routes (which one is longer vs. shorter), trying to make something fit, or measuring your own height are activities which stimulate the developments of length, area, and perimeter concepts.

Volume is all about experiencing the concepts of empty and full. The main goal for children is to recognise and use these concepts in a correct way. Ordering differently filled cups from empty to full or just playing with water and sand are activities that stimulate an understanding of volume.

Weighing is all about experiencing differences in weight. The main goal for children is to understand and to use concepts such as heavy, light, and equal. Determining the weight of certain objects with one’s hand or a scale and discovering that the weight of an object does not always seem to correspond with its size are activities which stimulate the development of weighing.

Time and planning are all about experiencing time and its cycles. The main goal for children is to become aware of the structure of time. Comparing day and night, presenting the daily schedule, and keeping quiet for one minute are activities that stimulate time sense and planning.