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Adventerra Games

Adventerra Games is a Swiss company located in the Canton Ticino, specialising in educational games for children focused on environmental themes. Created from a desire to inspire families to respect nature and safeguard our planet, the Adventerra games educate children by developing self-awareness about the effects of their behaviours on our shared environment.

Every game designed by Adventerra Games stimulates players to focus on the environment and what they can do to guarantee a better future. As players adopt these behaviours as long-lasting habits and inspire their families to follow their examples, the games will generate a positive impact on our natural environment.

A fundamental aspect of the Adventerra games is attention to the quality and the ecological provenance of raw materials. Only materials which are FSC-certified, non-toxic and recyclable are used to produce the games in order to remain true to the company values of respecting the environment, reducing pollution and conserving resources.