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Droomdeurtjes (“Dream Doors”) is a Dutch toy brand, which was founded in 2016 by Margreet & Sonja. The dream door concept is inspired by the Waldorf pedagogy and invites children to create their own safe place and let their imagination run free. Droomdeurtjes have been created to help children to process their everyday experiences and to provide extra support in particular situations.

Around the age of three the child begins to develop a sense of empathy and starts to immerse in magic thinking and believing in mythical creatures such as elves and dragons. The dream door can be introduced around that age as the child begins to understand the concept behind it. The child enjoys the messages received from the imaginary elf or dragon dream door friend who is always there to share wishes or experiences, and to encourage the child to do something brave or extraordinary. The elf or dragon also comforts the child, helping them see that even difficult situations can work out. 

Besides promoting empathy and imagination the dream doors also stimulate creativity in children from a very young age by decorating the surroundings of the door. They can also communicate with their dream door friend by drawing pictures, and as they grow older by writing notes to be left in the mailbox. This allows the child to exercise writing as well as expressing emotions.

Most children will actively use their dream door until they are about 9 years old, however it is very popular as well among older children as they enjoy decorating the door and its surroundings.

The dream door is also regularly used by teachers as a pedagogical support, and by child coaches and psychologists to help the child to feel more comfortable to express emotions. They are CE certified, made by hand and finished with non-toxic water-based paint and biodegradable glitter.