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German brand Stapelstein brings children wonderfully fun and active toys such as stacking stones and balance boards that turn every room into an adventure playground.

Stapelstein’s aim is to promote physical activity in children, bringing fun opportunities for movement to any living space. Inspired by the Pikler pedagogy, Stapelstein want to inspire free play and free movement in even the youngest child.

Carefully and simply designed, each Stapelstein active toy offers infinite possibilities for play, leaving plenty of room for fantasy and imagination. Stapelstein is the proud bearer of multiple independent quality seals of excellence, including the “spiel gut” seal and awards for promoting child development and innovation in movement.

100% made in Germany from pure, resource-saving EPP, Stapelstein stacking stones and balance boards do not contain plasticisers, softeners or additives. These high quality and safe active toys are water, saliva, bite and UV-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufacturing is carbon-neutral using 100% renewable energy and environmentally-friendly processes harnessing the power of pure air and water vapor. All products are recyclable.

Suitable from 1 year, Stapelstein products are specially designed to appeal to all ages.