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Spanish brand Lanco have been hand making natural rubber baby toys since 1952. A sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious company from the start, this family-run business based in Barcelona were the first European manufacturers of natural rubber toys.

Toxin-free and safe for newborn babies from the very first month of life, Lanco’s wonderfully natural teething toys are the perfect alternative to plastic. Organic and 100% natural, Lanco toys are made exclusively from natural rubber from the white sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

Lanco Toys are entirely handmade by artisans in a green production process, from the beautiful designs of the molds, to the sap collection in cups and transformation into solid toys in the gypsum molds using the sun’s natural heat, to the hand-painted decoration. This means that each lovely toy is unique and leaves minimal footprint on our planet. The rubber is biodegradable, and all packaging is plastic-free, made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Safe to be chewed or placed in a child’s mouth and completely free of toxic chemicals, all Lanco toys are certified to European safety requirements EN 71 Parts 1-2-3. They are free from BPA, PVC, Nitrosamines, Phthalates, BBP, DBP and DEHP, and food-grade dyes free of Cadmium, Aluminium, Cobalt, Barium, Lead, Mercury or Selenium are used to decorate the toys. They are also hermetically sealed to prevent mould forming inside the toy.

Beautifully designed in collaboration with Wanatoy, specialists in baby development through play, Lanco toys stimulate sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional child development. The appealing shapes, colours and textures encourage babies to explore and play. As well as being a natural soothing teether, these biting rings and toys are a great first stimulus for movement, manipulation and practicing hand-eye coordination as baby reaches and grasps the toy and brings it to their mouth.