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Infant / Toddler Play & Learn

An infant or toddler’s only job is to learn and take in the world around them, and while more academic pursuits are probably best left until they reach kindergarten and beyond, it’s never too early to start children learning.

In this infant/toddler play & learn category you will find a curated collection of baby Montessori toys, developmental toys, moving up to toys and Montessori materials for 1-year-olds and Montessori materials for 2-year-olds.

As well as Montessori baby items, there are also some beautiful, durable developmental baby toys, teethers and other toys and materials that are aligned with Waldorf Steiner, Froebel methodology, as well as more traditional educational approaches.

Every item we carry has been tested and approved for use by small children, with natural materials and baby-safe materials, ensuring that learning and growing is matched with safety and care.