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The founders of Swedish company Debresk first met at a Waldorf school. Since 1987 they have been making high-quality, handmade natural wooden Waldorf toys for children to treasure.

Debresk wooden toys are smoothly shaped from pine and birch and coated only in linseed oil to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. They are designed to appeal to and create balance between the different senses of the growing child.

The philosophy behind the Swedish brand is to provide toys made from living materials to promote the child’s relationship with the living world, and to cultivate an appreciation of beauty and the importance of caring for nature and the things around us. 

A large collection of wooden toy vehicles such as trucks, cars and trains hand-crafted in the traditional Waldorf style provide wonderfully satisfying, imaginative play free from frustration with their smoothly functioning wheels, tippers and trailers. Debresk toys are of a lasting beauty and quality to be enjoyed for generations.