Ways To Play… Dressing Up

Ways to play dresssing up ideas value of imaginative role play for children

Dressing up is so much fun for children, and this form of play has many different benefits too. So let’s look at the value of dressing up and imaginative role play for children, and some ideas to encourage dressing up play at home! The benefits of dressing up play Creativity and imagination Dressing up is…

Who was Froebel and what are Froebel’s Gifts?

Who was Froebel and what are Froebel’s Gifts

You may be here looking for answers as to who Friedrich Froebel was and what are Froebel’s gifts, and when looking for the right education, home learning format or curriculum for your child, there are so many options. Montessori, Waldorf and the lesser-known Froebel method. Let’s take a closer look at Froebel, the style of…

Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Glückskäfer wooden toys are wonderfully appealing for children of all ages – from colourful first stacking toys to delightful wooden puzzles and building block sets, they invite young children to play and learn from the earliest ages. But one of the beautiful things about these toys is the joy they also hold for older children….

Exploring common Montessori myths and misconceptions

Exploring common Montessori myths and misconceptions

Over the years we have come across lots of common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Montessori method of learning, as well as frequent questions regarding what makes a toy or educational resource ‘Montessori’ and what to look out for when selecting your learning materials. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to address some…

Keep little hands and minds occupied while travelling with children

Keep Little Hands and Minds Occupied While Traveling With Children

Long car journeys or flights can be incredibly stressful if you are travelling with (young) children – as can restaurant mealtimes when you want to keep their little hands and mind occupied for them to be quiet and well behaved and not show you up in public! Being parents ourselves now really makes us appreciate what…

How children can learn to live a sustainable life

How to teach children about sustainability and sustainable toys

We recently spoke about how green and ecological toys that are plastic-free contribute positively to our future and the well-being of our planet, but how can we inspire our children to be more aware of our impact on the planet and show the right example for them to learn to live a sustainable life? As parents…

Grapat WILD Collection – New Wooden Toys 2022

Grapat WILD Collection - New Wooden Toys 2022

We are so excited to bring you Grapat’s new WILD collection for 2022: Spanish family-run brand Grapat are true specialists in open-ended play, creating unique, Waldorf-inspired and sustainable wooden toys that are so appealing to both children and adults. Their new collection is just as certain to delight! The new Grapat WILD collection is a…

Raising a Montessori toddler

Raising a Montessori toddler

Anybody who is raising or has spent time with a Montessori toddler, or any toddler for that matter, will understand the utter joy and excitement that they bring to any and every situation. Their curiosity is completely unmatched and almost enviable from an adult’s point of view. To be so enthralled with the world and…

Exciting ideas for creating new Easter traditions

Exciting ideas for creating new Easter traditions

Creating Easter traditions with your family is a lot of fun and something that you can continue to do with your children year after year – hopefully even continuing forward for later generations!   Easter traditions not only offer a great opportunity to spend time together as a family and create memories but can also…

Play and learning ideas for Spring

Play and learning ideas for spring and seasonal celebrations

With Spring upon us, there are so many fun and exciting ways to explore the seasons and we have put together a few ideas for Spring play and learning activities! Such as Spring small world play, crafts, nature play and learning, making sensory habitats, weather-themed play, decorating a nature table and introducing seasonal celebrations. Get…