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Lily & Mel

Lily & Mel is a small Spanish family run brand born out of a desire to reconnect children with nature, and to awaken their creativity and imagination. They propose educational products encouraging children to interact with nature through creative play. Their plastic-free and sustainable DIY kits are perfect for little explorers to create, play and learn while developing a love and respect for nature.

As young parents affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, the family behind Lily & Mel decided to move out from the city and settle in a rural area. They wanted a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature which complied with their zero-waste mindset. They started to grow their own food, and enjoyed seeing their young children play freely in nature. Which made them rethink our consumption and our relationship with the natural environment.

After struggling to find fun and non-plastic crafts for their daughters, they decided to create sustainable alternatives. The range of creative kits focuses on learning about growing and caring for plants, learning about the anatomy of a honey bee and how they make honey, to collect and creative unique works of art with flowers and leaves and how to make recycled paper.

The Lily & Mel sustainable and plastic-free DIY craft kits for children encourage creative thinking and develop fine motor skills and are made by hand in Spain with materials from local suppliers. They are 100% eco friendly and sustainable and every single part of the packaging is biodegradable, compostable and fully recyclable.