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The high-quality skin tones colouring pencils and wax crayons from German brand Hautfarben enable children to discover the value of diversity! Their pencils and crayons come in a set of respectively 12 and 8 different, representative skin colour shades. With them, children can finally draw and colour themselves and their friends as they really look.

The Hautfarben skin colour products support parents, educators and teachers in creating more representation in education and breaking down stereotypes. On the way to a more open society, many different approaches are needed. With the Haufarben products, children can playfully discover the value of diversity for themselves. Working towards prejudice-free thinking in early childhood education, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of Hautfarben products go to certified charitable projects preventing racism and discrimination.

Sustainability is of high importance to Hautfarben. As an impact-oriented company, they are committed to particularly high ESG standards such as anti-racism, charity, fair working conditions, environmentally friendly production and use of sustainable raw materials. The Hautfarben colouring pencils are created in an ergonomic hexagon shape from PEFC certified wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. They have a soft, non-slip surface and high break-resistance and are made in Germany under fair working conditions. The high opacity, extra thick wax crayons are vegan and made in Austria under fair working conditions.

The Hautfarben colouring pencils and wax crayons come in packaging made of recycled cardboard and are suitable for children aged 3 years and older.