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Natural Earth Paint

US brand Natural Earth Paint was founded in 2011 by professional artist, mother and environmentalist Leah Fanning to provide truly non-toxic yet very high quality art supplies. 100% non-toxic and 100% washable, Natural Earth Paint is made from just earth, mineral pigments, gum arabic and corn starch. 

Simply add water to make only what the amount of paint needed and in a range of different consistencies, from a lovely creamy, tempera-like paint that is perfect for finger painting and stamping right through to beautiful watercolours.

Natural Earth Paint can be used on most surfaces including paper, glass, fabric, stone and wood for all arts and crafts projects. The paint is fast-drying and has a very high color density. Leftover paint can even be kept for 2 weeks in the fridge.

The eco-friendly credentials of Natural Earth Paint include Gold certification from Green America. Their production facility is 100% solar-powered and the brand uses only locally made, 100% post consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable glass bottles.