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Winter toys & learning materials collection

Our Winter collection is a thoughtful and fun mix of Winter-related learning materials, sustainable toys, books and creative materials. They reflect on the season of dormancy which is signified by the storing up of energy by the earth for new growth.

There are lots of fantastic handmade wooden toys to immerse children in endless hours of imaginative and open-ended small world play and plenty of inspiring non-toxic creative arts & crafts materials to keep those little hands busy. Perfect for the shorter, wetter and darker  days of Winter, we have wonderful learning kits to encourage your child’s love of nature and science and great materials for observing the changing of the seasons and weather in fun ways each day.

Our beautiful collection of products for family celebrations and rituals to mark the passing days are ideal to introduce at this time of year, being filled with so many moments spent together indoors. They are sure to become both favourite daily activities and treasured family traditions to be passed down through the generations!