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Latvian brand Flockmen are a family company committed to local, community-based and green production of endless open-ended play toys. 

Flockmen are 100% natural wooden toys carefully crafted from strong-durable Baltic birch plywood and coated with pure linseed oil. All materials used to craft the toys and sticker sets are responsibly sourced, sustainable and chemical-free. 

Providing open-ended play, Flockmen are intended to be whatever each individual child wants them to be and played with in their own unique way. Whether they are tessellating as blocks to build monuments that tower and curve, populating villages or travelling in vehicles, Flockmen provide endless possibilities for play.

Flockmen can be decorated using paints, pens or stickers and are ideal for developing skills and concepts including sorting, matching, ordering, logic, recognition, organisation, planning and balance in both independent and collaborative play.