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Montessori Toys

Our Montessori toys are a complement to our collection of traditional and original AMI certified Montessori materials and suited for babies and children of all ages. These handmade wooden, fabric and ecological toys and indispensable learning materials inspired by the Montessori pedagogy are suited for any prepared Montessori environment at home as well at school and encourage effective early learning through play.

They are designed to support a child’s specific stage of brain development and focus on giving support to the natural development of the child who possesses great constructive energies that guide the formation of his mind and the coordination of his body.

Made by the finest brands in the world such as Grimm’s, Stapelstein, Threewood, Educo, Rolf and Flockmen, our toys are engaging, approachable and help with the refinement of each sense, such as colour, size, sound or weight. They also help the child order and make sense of his world and heighten his perception of it as well as his sense of wonder.

Designed for maximum independence in the child, our collection of Montessori toys develop amongst others motor skills, language, mathematics and critical thinking and allow children freedom to blossom in an environment suited to their needs!