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Sensory & Motor Skills

Developing sensory and motor skills in children is a fundamental part of learning as they grow. These are the skills that will help them to move and experience the world as they progress through life, and can be encouraged through the use of sensory toys and sensory items such as the sensorial Montessori material.

We have a wonderful range of original Montessori materials, educational toys for fine motor skills and multiuse sensory toys including some of our top sellers such as wooden sensory blocks, Le Toy Van sensory shapes and many other wooden sensory toys.

The collection has been organised in to five primary learning themes: children usually learn about colour during preschool years and the ability to identify colours is considered a marker of their cognitive process and development. Motor skills are divided into gross and fine, with gross involving activities that use the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso – and fine involves the muscles of the fingers, hands, and wrists as well as coordination of hand, eye, and brain.

Object Permanence is to understand that objects continue to exist even when they are unseen or unheard. Music and the senses allow for classifying sensorial impressions and provide a means for growth in perception and expression.

If you are unsure of what to select, or there are sensorial learning materials or toys that you are looking for specifically, get in contact and we will be here to help!