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Learning Support

At Teia Education & Play we offer a wide range of curriculum support materials such as books and resources for traditional, Montessori as well as Waldorf teachers. In this section, you will find some of the very best Montessori learning support materials for traditional education, Montessori education, items to support a Waldorf Steiner curriculum, in any prepared environment, from school to homeschool, and many more!

Our high-quality learning materials and educational toys provide children with many keys to understand the world and support a continuous learning model. Learning support includes elements vital to complement those materials and enhance the learning experience.

Activity sets, or add-ons, are a logical broadening and deepening of specific learning themes. Nomenclature cards enrich our original Montessori materials and support expanding of vocabulary and learning to read. Paper & booklets support Montessori language and mathematics exercises and spare parts keep your classroom in the best possible condition. Our reference books selection for parents and teachers offers solutions such as parenting advice or how to implement the Montessori or Waldorf method at home or at school.