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At Teia Education & Play we love books! We know that reading to our children is one of the most important things we can do as parents, both for child development and to bring so much joy. Children love to share books with us and right from birth, reading to babies stimulates their development and promotes bonding as they listen to our voice.

As well as delighting children with every turn of the page, picture books are a vital way for young children to learn new language skills and vocabulary and explore new concepts. By sharing books together, we see our children go from listening with growing concentration, progress to telling us what they can see and joining in with repetitions and on to beginning to read themselves.

Our growing collection of carefully chosen children’s books includes beautiful, inspiring picture books and story books to help develop your child’s imagination, bedtime stories to end the day in a wonderful way and help them get ready for sleep, and engaging and fun educational early learning books to promote a love of learning.

From stories full of wonder and positivity to fun ways to learn about colours, numbers, animals and nature, the seasons, promoting positive self-talk, self-worth and confidence our collection of children’s books are sure to stimulate your child’s curiosity in the world around them and help create special shared moments each day.

Are you a parent or educator and looking for guidance or inspiration? We also have a large range of parenting books, crafting handbooks, Waldorf Steiner Books and Montessori education reference books.