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Danish brand Filia have been creating their iconic oil crayons for almost seventy years. Engineer Poul Werner Sørensen invented Filia crayons in 1952, and this progressive art supplies brand has been environmentally friendly right from the start. Filia’s iconic oil crayons have been a classic for decades in Danish schools, home settings and are well-beloved art tools in Waldorf Steiner schools all over the world.

These high-quality and light-resistant Filia crayons are not “just” for children, they are perfect for professional designers and artists of all levels. The crayons are very durable and offer lightfast and vibrant colours which are transparent and mix very well. They are similar to oil pastels, but not as soft, and allow for many interesting drawing techniques.

The Filia oil crayons are very strong and resist breakage. Their square-shaped remains true to its retro design from 1952, and has a pointed tip allowing for outlining, defined contours, two-dimensional drawing and shading.

Filia oil crayons are highly pigmented and are produced in Denmark using only pure and natural ingredients. Their sustainable production process is eco-conscious and does not emit sewage, harmful emissions or hazardous waste.