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Wooden Building Blocks

A classic toy for both Waldorf open-ended play and Montessori learning concepts, our range of wooden building blocks are eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic for hours of fun building towers, bridges and monuments throughout childhood!

Wooden blocks are the most versatile of all toys and are wonderfully appealing for children of all ages. They offer loads of learning through play from the earliest ages and leave plenty of room for children to think of their own ideas and create.

Play with wood blocks has many benefits, and, without realising, children are developing important skills such as refining their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and engineering skills. They even lay the foundation for mathematics, for example, a child can learn a geometric shape by observing a building block.

They are the perfect toy for growing with your child as they challenge themselves to build more complex structures! Our building blocks are eco-friendly and made in Europe.