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Homeschool Supplies

To support learning from home, learning through play or to keep your prepared homeschool environment up to date with new additions we have carefully curated a collection of homeschool supplies containing high-quality educational toys, games and materials.

The Teia Education homeschool supplies collection is divided into three age groups: Infant & Toddler (play and learn), 3 to 6 years, 6 to 12 years, and we also added a Montessori homeschool materials collection.

All products featured in our homeschool supplies collection are in stock and readily available for shipment within a maximum of 24 hours (Sunday excluded) with Swiss Post after placing your order.

Infant/Toddler Play & Learn

3-6 Years Homeschool

6-12 Years Homeschool

Montessori Homeschool Materials

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