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Nienhuis Montessori add-ons

In addition to the extensive line of Nienhuis Montessori materials, the line of add-ons is a logical broadening and deepening of the original Montessori assortment that draws on expertise and experience acquired over many years. These materials enrich and are valuable to the prepared Montessori environment.

The Nienhuis Montessori add-on materials are a result of product development and innovation that has been top priority for decades. What sets them apart are their innovative nature, and outstanding conceptual and physical quality.

A team of in-house pedagogic specialists, an international group of designers, educators, and other didactic professionals are the creators of the range of Nienhuis Montessori add-on products which are meant to be a valuable addition to a classroom or homeschooling environment.

Add-ons Assortment