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Mercurius is the leading supplier of products used at Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and other Waldorf educational institutions worldwide and specialises in unique, hand-crafted and high quality creative materials and supplies, handmade toys and curriculum support materials. The company actively embraces social and environmental responsibilities and is committed to offering only safe products of the highest quality that are tested extensively and meet all applicable International standards.

For over more than 25 years, Mercurius has developed a range of products in close cooperation with educators, specially designed to meet the needs of Waldorf schools. They are the worldwide representative of the well-known Waldorf brands Stockmar, Debresk, Filia and many others. The core Mercurius assortment contains products that are accessible, appropriate, and affordable, covering curricula such as art and music instruction, classic Waldorf school supplies, toys, and high-quality school furniture. Their unique selection of products have a high pedagogical value which are specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers, and increasingly, to schools offering a traditional education.

Mercurius is fundamentally committed to values shared with their customers, and enables a level of collaboration not often found in business relationships. Social inclusion and mutually-beneficial collaboration are fundamental principles and they strive to source products and services from organisations that employ people with disabilities, as well as from other vendors whose social and environmental principals align those of Mercurius.