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Educo mathematical play – geometry

The Educo geometry assortment focuses on colour and shapes, sorting and serialising and spatial orientation: playing with colours and shapes is a basic need for every child and main goal for them is to identify and name the various colours and shapes. Activities such as sorting shapes and serialising colour nuances stimulate the development of insight into colour and shape.

Sorting and serialising is all about the set theory. The main goal is to recognise and arrange objects in a certain order based on one or more characteristics. Sorting blocks by colour or putting blocks in an order from small to large are activities that stimulate sorting and serialising.

Spatial orientation is all about a sense of direction, visualization, and reading maps. The main goal for children is to develop an insight into the surrounding environment with the use of concepts such as location, order, and direction. Imitating each other’s posture, building, mirroring, and reproducing are activities that stimulate spatial orientation.