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For over 80 years German brand Ostheimer has been carefully manufacturing wooden figures and animals by hand. An indispensable Waldorf toy brand, the high quality Ostheimer wooden toys provide children with a beautiful and pleasant image of human beings and animals inhabiting our beautiful world.

Through their minimal edges, shapes and colours, Ostheimer toys inspire children to embrace the world with all their senses and to immerse themselves freely in creative and imaginative play which is so essential to grow up healthy in our world.

How Ostheimer toys are made

Each wooden Ostheimer toy is individually crafted by hand and is a unique original, bound to be handed down and loved for generations!

After being meticulously crafted by hand, each Ostheimer toy is painted with carefully chosen colours which are saliva-proof and contain no harmful substances. They are finished with organic oil to preserve the natural qualities of the wood and to allow the grain to peek through. When treated gently, wood retains its naturalness and energy which will benefit children as they can experience the purity of nature with all their senses.

From the draft to the finished product, Ostheimer toys pass through many hands while being designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted, oiled, and shipped out. Each step in this long process of careful handcrafting is inspired by the impulse to give children toys of truely high quality to play with.

Created with a lot of devotion, care and artistry, the solid wooden Ostheimer toy figures are a valuable individual piece of work. They are shaped to allow small hands to experience the full tactile and sensory experience of its natural wood.

Sustainable production of Ostheimer toys

An important part of the brand’s aims and objectives is to only use high-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials, and all resources needed for the creation of the toys are chosen consciously.

All lumber comes from sustainable and local forestry and residual wood is used for the heating of the buildings housing the Ostheimer workshops.

Every Ostheimer wooden toy is 100% hand-crafted in Germany with only certified materials, guaranteeing safety for children at play.