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Writing and reading: the two most important skills to teach a child

Writing and reading the two most important skills to teach a child

It could be argued that writing alongside reading, are probably the two most important skills to teach a child and help them prepare for the world ahead, indeed writing is a skill that as adults, we often take for granted because it is practically second nature to us, and we probably do not remember a […]

The Montessori approach to music

Nienhuis Montessori Music - Bells set

The Montessori approach to music is based upon the understanding that young children learn first through their experiences and senses. By at once engaging the ear, the eye, the voice, the hand, the body, and the soul the whole of the child is actively involved in the entire musical experience. Maria Montessori once said: “Music can […]

Must-Have Montessori Materials For Home Learning

Montessori prepared environment Must-Have Montessori Materials For Home Learning_Nienhuis Montessori PInk Tower

Maria Montessori believed that a prepared environment is vital in helping children to learn whilst becoming independent and confident. Specialist Montessori materials are wonderfully designed to help children learn the important skills they need for practical life, language, math and all areas of the curriculum. But where do you begin? What are the must-have Montessori […]

What is Waldorf?

What is Waldorf - Teia Education Switzerland

Waldorf is so often confused with Montessori but it is quite different! Waldorf education is based on the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, social reformer and the founder of Anthroposophy. The name Waldorf comes from the school Steiner established for the children of employees of the Waldorf-Astoria company in Germany in 1919.  […]