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Ways To Play… Dressing Up

Ways to play dresssing up ideas value of imaginative role play for children

Dressing up is so much fun for children, and this form of play has many different benefits too. So let’s look at the value of dressing up and imaginative role play for children, and some ideas to encourage dressing up play at home! The benefits of dressing up play Creativity and imagination Dressing up is…

Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Glückskäfer wooden toys are wonderfully appealing for children of all ages – from colourful first stacking toys to delightful wooden puzzles and building block sets, they invite young children to play and learn from the earliest ages. But one of the beautiful things about these toys is the joy they also hold for older children….

Keep little hands and minds occupied while travelling with children

Keep Little Hands and Minds Occupied While Traveling With Children

Long car journeys or flights can be incredibly stressful if you are travelling with (young) children – as can restaurant mealtimes when you want to keep their little hands and mind occupied for them to be quiet and well behaved and not show you up in public! Being parents ourselves now really makes us appreciate what…

Play and learning ideas for Spring

Play and learning ideas for spring and seasonal celebrations

With Spring upon us, there are so many fun and exciting ways to explore the seasons and we have put together a few ideas for Spring play and learning activities! Such as Spring small world play, crafts, nature play and learning, making sensory habitats, weather-themed play, decorating a nature table and introducing seasonal celebrations. Get…

Flower pressing with children

Pressing flowers with children

Flower pressing is a wonderful traditional craft or hobby to do with children of all ages! Get creative and closer to nature at the same time with this lovely, calming pastime with so many possibilities! It is a great way for children to study and appreciate flowers more closely. It is perfect for botany lessons…

How to use a Sarah’s Silks Playsilk

How To Use Sarah’s Silks Playsilks open-ended play

Sarah’s Silks playsilks were created to promote imagination and encourage the endless possibilities of open-ended play. The stunning colours and textures of the natural fibres of these eco-friendly toys stimulate the magic and creativity that exists in young children – and some adults too. Inspired to create Sarah’s Silks while raising her 3 sons with imagination…

The abundance of Autumn learning opportunities

Autumn presents us with an abundance of learning opportunities

Dig out your jackets, dust off your welly boots and get ready for traditionally wetter, windier, cooler and muddier days – stomp in those puddles, play out in the rain, enjoy the wind in your face, smell the smoke from a bonfire and throw leaves in the air. Autumn is such a colourful season and represents…

Pretend play with Erzi realistic wooden play food

Erzi fruit

There is something so appealing to children about pretend play with realistic wooden play food! The cute versions of items that children recognise from their daily lives from renowned German toy brand Erzi are the perfect size for little hands and encourage hours of creative and imaginative play. In our home, our wooden play shop…

Rainy day craft ideas for children

Rainy day craft ideas for children

Fun rainy day activities to keep little ones happy are always helpful! Even as the weather is getting glorious and sunny in Switzerland, it is still useful to have some indoor children’s crafts planned just in case of bad weather or for escaping the midday sun! And in my home country of England and Teia…