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Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Ways to play with Glückskäfer wooden blocks

Glückskäfer wooden toys are wonderfully appealing for children of all ages – from colourful first stacking toys to delightful wooden puzzles and building block sets, they invite young children to play and learn from the earliest ages. But one of the beautiful things about these toys is the joy they also hold for older children….

Grapat WILD Collection – New Wooden Toys 2022

Grapat WILD Collection - New Wooden Toys 2022

We are so excited to bring you Grapat’s new WILD collection for 2022: Spanish family-run brand Grapat are true specialists in open-ended play, creating unique, Waldorf-inspired and sustainable wooden toys that are so appealing to both children and adults. Their new collection is just as certain to delight! The new Grapat WILD collection is a…

Meet the founder: An interview with Casiana from Grapat

Casiana & Jordi Monczar

The beautiful wooden toys and loose parts from ecological Spanish toy brand Grapat hold a very special place in our hearts at Teia Education & Play! We are delighted to bring you this touching interview with co-founder Casiana Monczar about the inspiration, story and sustainability values of this wonderful brand. Family-run brand Joguines Grapat was founded…

Green and ecological toys for a sustainable future

Green toys for a sustainable future_Teia Eduaction Switzerland

We have all heard about “green” and ecological toys and care about a sustainable future, but do we actually pay attention when shopping for toys? Did you know that 90% of the world’s toys that are produced are made of plastic? The cheap plastic toys that we see everywhere have long been a huge contributor…

The ultimate gift guide for Montessori, Waldorf & more

The ultimate gift gudie for montessori waldorf and more - Teia Education & Play

Welcome to the ultimate gift guide for Montessori, Waldorf & more! We don’t know about you, but at Teia Education & Play, we absolutely love giving gifts. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, seasonal celebration or any other holiday or occasion, the thought of choosing something special and thoughtful for little ones always brings us…

Pretend play with Erzi realistic wooden play food

Erzi fruit

There is something so appealing to children about pretend play with realistic wooden play food! The cute versions of items that children recognise from their daily lives from renowned German toy brand Erzi are the perfect size for little hands and encourage hours of creative and imaginative play. In our home, our wooden play shop…

Making Grapat mandalas with children and loose parts play

Mandala three fires - Grapat

We often get asked for suggestions on how to play with Grapat mandala pieces and sets or making mandalas with children and there is so much fun to be had here! Try some of these ideas for creative loose parts play and fun ways to make art together. What are mandalas? Making mandalas with children is…

Sustainable Easter basket fillers

Sustainable Easter Basket Fillers - Teia Edcuation & Play Switzerland

Are you trying to avoid too much candy and chocolate this year and give something that is plastic-free, eco-friendly and will be cherished for a long time? We have a lovely selection of sustainable Easter basket fillers, including beautiful handmade wooden toys, inspiring craft supplies and wonderful books. As well as some great colourful baskets…

Glückskäfer – The lesser known German toy brand similar to Grimm’s!

Glückskäfer toy brand Wooden sunset purple - Glückskäfer

Glückskäfer is a small, ethical German toy brand that has been renowned for their beautiful, high-quality and traditional colourful wooden toys for over 60 years. Their gorgeous toys are not only high in play value, they are also made to the highest quality and child safety standards using sustainable, environmentally friendly processes. Glückskäfer toys from the…