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Our selection of toys for play

High-quality toys and products meant for hours of play and fun for children of all ages. Our assortment includes open-ended toys, handmade wooden toys, Playsilks, soft and snuggly handmade dolls, wooden stacking toys, wooden figurines and animals, wooden building block sets, wooden farms, houses and garages, wooden train sets, boats and trains, wooden cars and vehicles, wooden dolls houses, flexible road parts, wooden push toys, sorting and threading toys, wooden puzzles and much more!

Teia Education is an official Swiss reseller of the high-quality traditional and Waldorf toys brands: Grapat, SINA Spielzeug, Waytoplay, Glückskäfer, Le Toy Van, Flockmen, Adventerra Games, Droomdeurtjes, Debresk, Nanchen and Sarah’s Silks.

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