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The Spanish brand Grapat provides handmade wooden toys without instructions, which are open-ended and favour free and autonomous play. Inspired by the Waldorf pedagogy, the Grapat philosophy of natural simplicity is based on providing children with few basic items allowing them to create their own games and imaginary worlds. The brand’s premise is to let children play, slowly, without time limits with material that encourages, invites and stimulates creation.

Grapat is a family project that materialised many years ago from leaving the city to live in a natural environment. All their wooden toys are still hand-crafted in various workshops in Catalunya, Spain, following traditional processes, with wood derived from sustainable forests and painted by hand with water based dyes. The natural dyes allow for the wood veins to remain visible. 

The Grapat toys are safe for use by small children as they are non-toxic and comply with the European safety regulations of the directive EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013 regarding toy safety. In 2019 several toys were awarded with the Spielgut® seal and more toys were awarded the seal in 2020. A total of 27 toys now carry the seal.  

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